Supplement Review: “Spyked” by Venettis Nutrition

Well folks… It’s time for another supplement review.  This time I am bringing you Spyked from Venettis Nutrition.

After reading  TheOrangeMask’s review of this pre-workout (PWO) supplement I began following @VN_Supplements on Twitter, and I am so glad I did.  This little known company’s motto is “Supplements should be inexpensive, effective and safe.”  Seems simple enough… right?  However, more and more I see concentrated and super concentrated pre-workout formulas that require you to take up to 3 scoops to get the full effect.  Not Spyked!

Spyked worked like a champ with only one scoop!  You heard me, 1 SCOOP!  Ok… Ok… you are right, this is not an economics lesson.  Does it work?  That’s ultimately what you are after.  The short answer is hell yes this stuff works, and works like a champ!Since each 45 tub serving is $30.00, that equates to $0.67 per serving compared to others, like MuscleTech’s Neurocore, that break down to $2.00 per serving (assume 3 scoops per serving/workout).

Now for the long answer… I was a little leary at the “lemon lime” flavor, but was pleasantly surprised as the flavor was good and was actually, somewhat, refreshing..??  It mixed well with no residue left at the bottom.

After downing Spyked, I had about a 10 minute drive to the gym.  I did not feel a rush of energy, but by the time I got my stuff in the locker and walked upstairs to the weights, I was raring to go!  It wasn’t an anxious or jittery feeling, just a super focused feeling backed up with a lot of confidence….  like a huge dose of “I GOT  THIS!”  The energy sustained me through my entire workout, which, on this particular night was chest and triceps.

I started off with flat bench barbell benchpresses.  By the end of the 3rd set I knew this was good stuff as I had already surpassed by my personal best weight on this exercise and for more reps!  The rest of the workout was no different.  I had more increases of weight and for more reps than any other night previous!

The pump that I got from Spyked was superior to all of the other PWO’s that I have tried.  Now, let me qualify this a little bit.  Chest and triceps is usually a good pump night for me, but with the increase in weights and reps and this PWO… I felt like the Incredible Hulk… and the pump lasted for a good bit too.

If you have ever read any of my blog posts, or guest blog posts, you already know that I workout at night.  This isn’t ideal for taking PWO’s, but with Spyked I was able to fall asleep with no problem.  There was no crash and I woke the following morning clear headed and rested, however, still a little tight from the incredible pump.

This is the the only PWO that I have taken so far where I feel like it truly enhanced everything about my workout.  My energy was plentiful and long lasting, my focus was spot on and dialed in, the pump was awesome… I really did not experience any side effects.

As I told Andrew, President/CEO at Venettis Nutrition LLC., I gladly give Spyked a solid 9 out 10 rating… 10 being the best of course.

This little know n supplement company is now at the top of my list for my PWO!

I think these guys are going places and it goes to show you that you actually can get great affordable supplements that actually do what they say they do!  Andrew and his team got it right, and I hope nothing but the best for them.

So just like others before me have said, do yourself a favor, well 3 actually…

If you have used Spyked, leave me a comment below (bottom of the page) and let me know what you think!

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One thought on “Supplement Review: “Spyked” by Venettis Nutrition

  1. I concure. This company needs to be even more well known. I told Andrew w/in 2 years, they’ll be at the top of the supplement company chain. This is a great product and I completely support this review. Great product, and I’ve found myself trying to “get back” to the feeling that this product gave me with other PWO’s.

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